Are You Fighting Discouragement in Prayer?

Let’s be honest! There is discouragement around us every day in this world. The world is a broken and dark place that needs the redemption of Jesus. We are here to bring the light of His gospel, but sometimes we get battle-weary and we fight discouragement. I was driving into Laramie awhile back and theContinue reading “Are You Fighting Discouragement in Prayer?”

Does Prayer Really Matter?

Gina writing…2-1-2021 I was going in a different direction with this week’s blog, but yesterday as I was doing my morning prayer time, I was struck with the idea, “Does Prayer Really Matter?” As I look at scripture, I find that prayer seemed to matter very much to the early church: Acts 1:14 “They allContinue reading “Does Prayer Really Matter?”

A Great Word of Encouragement from our Christian Astronomer, Chip Kobulnicky

Gina writing…1/17/2021 I don’t want to say too much because I feel that Chip Kobulnicky expresses things so well in this brief video. I hope you’ll take a moment to watch (3 minutes, 38 seconds in length): I love hearing the perspective of a Christian scientist. I pray you will take these words to heart!Continue reading “A Great Word of Encouragement from our Christian Astronomer, Chip Kobulnicky”