Does Prayer Really Matter?

Gina writing…2-1-2021

I was going in a different direction with this week’s blog, but yesterday as I was doing my morning prayer time, I was struck with the idea, “Does Prayer Really Matter?” As I look at scripture, I find that prayer seemed to matter very much to the early church:

Acts 1:14 “They all joined together constantly in prayer.”

Acts 3:1 “Peter and John were going up to the temple at the time of prayer.”

Acts 4:31 “After they prayed, the place where they were meeting was shaken.”

Acts 6:4 “And (we) will give our attention to prayer and the ministry of the word.

Acts 10:9 “Peter went up on the roof to pray.”

Here is a more recent story about how prayer really did matter and made a difference:

Jeremiah Lamphier began a noonday prayer meeting for laymen in downtown New York City on September 23, 1857. He sat alone for the first twenty-five minutes, but by 12:30 there were six men present. The following week twenty men attended. Within six months, more than ten thousand businessmen were attending.

The Holy Spirit began to call people to pray. Many people were converted in the prayer meetings, and others found victory in their walk with God. It has been estimated that in America, “In just two years, over a million converts were added to the churches of all denominations. Over a million converts were added to the churches of Great Britain,” God wanted to bless His church, and the wind of the Spirit blew across the hearts of the people of God, calling them to prayer.

-Adapted from The Prayer FactorAdventures with a God Who Hears and Answers by Sammy Tippit. 

My prayer this week is that Emmaus Road Community Church will truly become a “prayer-driven” church. We are sensing a move of God taking us there! Let’s keep moving with Him!

Prayer: Lord, we see that prayer really does matter for Your Kingdom affairs in the earth. Please pour out Your Spirit upon Emmaus Road Community Church and make us the prayer-driven church that You desire. Prayer matters to You, so help it to really matter to us! In Jesus’ Name, the NAME ABOVE EVERY NAME, we ask. AMEN!

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