Is God Your Intimate Friend?

Exodus 33:11 Thus the LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend.

In a recent personal time with the Lord, I was considering what it means to “submit” to Him. As I often do, I wrote the word “SUBMIT” down the side of my journal page and sought some words as an acrostic. This is what I wrote:

S tay

U nder the

B est shade

M aking God your

I ntimate friend and

T rusting Him

This really started me thinking about what it means to have God as an INTIMATE Friend. The dictionary tells me that “intimate” means, “closely acquainted; familiar, close.” I asked myself, “Am I closely acquainted with God?”

A few weeks ago, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “I am the Fountain without a cap.” I understand that to mean that I can be as closely acqainted and intimate in our friendship as I desire. That really thrills me, but I also realize my responsibility in this friendship.

When I want to develop an intimate relationship with a human friend, I spend time with them. I have often sat across the table from friends in a restaurant and spent several hours sharing life. That has fostered intimate friendships.

I want that kind of friendship with God and even more so. It is amazing to me to think of the God of the universe calling Moses aside privately for some “face” time. (see the verse I shared above) It is even more amazing to me that He wants the same kind of relationship with me. I don’t know about you, but I can say that this very exciting for me!

Prayer: Lord, it is hard to fathom that You want an intimate friendship with me. You created me so that You could have fellowship and I long for that fellowship, too. Help me to know how to really foster an intimate friendship with You. I love You, Lord, and I thank You for the gift of eternal life that You purchased for me at the cross. I’m asking to know You more, In Jesus’ Name! AMEN!

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