Faith Like a Child

Written by Carol Kobulnicky

If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him! —Matthew 7:11

I was recently in need of an electric knife—to cut upholstery foam to redo the cushions in my 28-year-old couch. I was sad I hadn’t saved an old electric knife I could have had from my mom when she recently scaled down her belongings. I tried not to dwell on that. I asked God if He would be willing to provide one. Afterward I felt compelled to go and look at our local Goodwill. It felt like a long shot in our relatively small town but I believed God would provide it if He chose to. I searched the shelf with kitchen electronics. Lots of crockpots, a rice maker…but no electric knife. 

I walked away slowly and decided to look around. I found myself glancing down into the deep bins that hold a multitude of plasticware. I told God I was fine with not finding an electric knife, and that I knew I could purchase a regular bread knife to devote to the cause, even if it would be inferior for the job. Then I suddenly looked up and saw a complete Cuisinart electric knife set sitting precariously on the four corner edge of the bins. I laughed out loud!  At other times in my life, I may have thought: “I can’t believe it!” But the reality is that I could believe it, I did then and I do now. I believe God provided that electric knife for me. 

I bought it for $8. It’s as good as new and lists for $175 new on Amazon. It feels extravagant. 

As I continue to reflect on this answer to prayer, I am realizing deep down in my soul that God truly delights in giving good things to His children. I am moved to realize more deeply than ever that God cares about my little life. My ask was nothing like some prayers that I continue to pray—for spiritual and physical needs for myself and my family—far more important prayers. This electric knife ask was a simple, conversational prayer. I believed God could provide this for me—not that He should—and that He was capable of orchestrating it. I know I feel Him smiling. My faith grew that day because of that one little prayer and how God decided to answer it.

And one more thing, when I think of that electric knife that was my mom’s—we donated it to a Goodwill back in my hometown in Wisconsin. It makes me smile to think it may be blessing someone else right now who was in need of it. 

Lord, I confess too often that I don’t ask. I have been guilty of having the mindset that You do not care for the little things of my life, but You do. I’m utterly convinced of that and I’m convinced more now than ever that You desire for us to ask for the little things—because in the same way that I would delight in getting my own child something they are wanting or needing, You delight in providing for us. Help me to trust in You more and more and to receive from You all that you offer. In Jesus’s Holy Name. Amen.

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