Show Us Your Glory, Lord! 6/1-4, 2023

Prayer Prompts for June 1-4, 2023

Hello, praying friends!

The Lord is calling me into a 30-day season of prayer, June 1-30, 2023, for revival for my own city, family, church…everything! I invite you to join me in this journey in whatever way that Holy Spirit leads you. I will be posting prayer guides each week during this season with brief daily prompts. I encourage you, as you are able, to take just a few moments each day to agree in prayer with me. I encourage you to add fasting to your prayers in whatever way is appropriate for you. Consider doing an occasional fast from media, a favorite food, or even by giving up a meal on occasion and using that time to pray. If you miss a day or even a week, please don’t fret! Remember that the Lord does not put us under the law, but He loves spending time with you and me! I am excited and expectant to watch God move on our behalf! Blessings, Gina

Prayer “prompts” for June 1-4, 2023:

Thursday, June 1 Read Psalm 23 International Children’s Bible

Prayer prompt: Lord, thank You for reminding me that You are my Shepherd and that You are a Shepherd that truly cares! Please help everyone in my circle of influence (name them if you can) to know You as Savior and Lord. Please revive the Church that I attend and the Church worldwide from Your Shepherd’s heart. (add your own prayers) SHOW US YOUR GLORY, LORD!

Journal idea: Are there any areas that you need to give to the Lord? Consider writing a note to HIM in your prayer journal.

As you have time, here is a worship song for today: Psalm 23

Friday, June 2 Read Ephesians 6:18,19 NIV

Prayer Prompt: Holy Spirit, thank You for helping me to pray. Forgive me for “occasions” when I don’t pray, but I try to figure things out with my own understanding. I pray for the Pastors of my church and the Church worldwide, and I ask You to give them Your Words to speak so that Your gospel will be proclaimed boldly from every pulpit. (add your own prayers) SHOW US YOUR GLORY, LORD!

Journal idea: Is there a recent occasion where you did not listen to the Lord? Considering writing a note to HIM in your prayer journal, asking for forgiveness and for help going forward.

As you have time, here is a worship song for today: Breathe

Saturday, June 3 & Sunday, June 4, 2023 SABBATH Read Matthew 11:28-30 (both days!}

Ask the Lord to show you how to rest!

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